Singing Light Photography

Equipment (for the serious amateur)

The first thing I want to say is "It's not about the gear!" to quote Ethan Meleg. He's right, but too often someone believes that using a particular brand of camera, lens, filters or tripod will improve their photography. It can make it easier to work and capture images, but it really won't (IMHO) make you see better, compose better or capture better images.

My lenses are auto-focus without an aperture ring. My lenses range in focal length from my 10-24mm, an 18-70mm wide-angle zoom, to a 200mm-500m long zoom. I love my 75-300mm zoom and my 200-500mm, but my most used lens is definitely the 18-70 just because that's how I see the world.

What you need (for serious shooting)

More than anything else, you need a sturdy tripod. (I hear the snickers!) A tripod helps you compose as much as it keeps the camera steady. A good ball head complements a good tripod. Check out Really Right Stuff for both, although there are other places to look too.

At least two similar camera bodies, the best you can afford. Have someone with experience guide you, but choose something that feels good in your hands. Stick with it until you can operate it quickly as second nature. The beauty of digital photography is the DELETE button. Practice making images on any subjects that may be at hand. This will pay off later.

What you need to process all those images.

These comments are highly subjective!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Make the best image you can IN THE CAMERA!

A computer of course! I built my own and over clocked it by 80%. I spent $200 on a Q6600 which now performs like a $1,000 CPU. I use Window 7, 64-bit to access the memory I have.

I use Adobe Photoshop CC for some things, but mainly Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic with Luminar 2018 as a plug-in (for the moment). No amount of processing can substitute for a GOOD capture. Try not to 'overshoot' hoping to catch the moment. Be prepared, be there and be ready! Sounds simple, but it's not.

Keep backups! Try a service like Carbonite for backups in hte cloud.