Singing Light Photography

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with nature. I search for the hidden spaces and small places that hold visual gems to photograph. I search with an artist’s eye and the explorer’s curiosity. When I discover what I am searching for, I am overcome by a complete sense of wonder. How can anything be so beautiful! It may be a tranquil sunrise, or just a bunch of leaves in a pool, but these are the places and moments I hope to capture with my camera.

I will capture my images, and then release their beauty for others to share.

I rely on my ability to recognize the natural beauty of the world that most people walk past each day and take for granted. They may be in a rush, too busy to see the beauty of nature around them. Maybe they can't get to Africa or California. Or they may not know what to look for or what to enjoy without more time to reflect and enjoy.

I hope to give those people that time.

I’m in a rush too, but for a different reason. The places I visited last year are often gone when I return. Sometimes it’s a forest that’s now a subdivision, or just a pond that’s now polluted. These wondrous places are running away, becoming scarce, harder to find.

Now I must hurry to capture what I can.

For me, pictures have always told a more complete story than words. They contain the visual elements of color, light and texture that are missing in text. My passion is to search for the beauty in nature, in the big spaces and small places. I worry about how long it may be before it will be gone. Meanwhile I will capture the essence of what I see with my camera to share with others so they can also enjoy my discoveries, and my wonder.

My images will remain so others can see what is and what was.

I have been a serious amateur photographer for 39 years. I can remember when Kodachrome II came in little aluminum screw top containers and when Tri-X was used by all the serious photographers. During this time I have taught photography at Seneca College and privately through my group "Extreme Visuals". I also have numerous publishing credits in some great books and magazines.

Many people have helped me enjoy photography and willingly shared their knowledge. Now I continue that tradition by offering free tutorials and advise.

I hope you enjoy this site, and continue to enjoy the art and craft of photography!

Robert Zakrison